After facing another massive wave of covid-19 cases and deaths the past summer, there finally seems to be a decline witnessed in the patients and fatalities altogether. It’s been almost five different waves of the virus as we look at how it has infected patients. Now that the world is almost opening up and there’s a major relief from the pandemic, no verdict could still be given about whether there would be another wave or not. Neither the experts can say what another wave would bring to the world.   

Multiple research studies have been conducted over the period, but no outcomes could really reveal why exactly does the virus spreads and in what ways. However, looking at the pattern of the previous five ways, some predictions could be made about the spread of the virus in the future for sure.   

This blog post dives deep into the patterns of the previous covid-19 waves – aiming to determine what they tell about the future of coronavirus in detail.   

The Previous Covid-19 Waves and Their Patterns   

As the first wave of covid-19 hit the world, strict measures were taken, people were restrained inside homes, economies were stopped, and of course, major changes in human behavior were observed – tolling the virus for quite a long time. However, the wave that hit last fall went by with almost similar measures, but a comparatively relaxed human behavior was recorded – given the record-breaking surge in virus contraction. And by the time the most acute – delta variant – became contagious this summer, multiple vaccines were already available – shifting the pattern on quite a positive note.   

The vaccines invented have played a major role in how and which places the virus has hit, says Jennifer, an epidemiologist, John Hopkins University.   

The pattern we can see here showcases how the seriousness and acuteness of the virus have been majorly declined with the availability of vaccines. It has also helped change desperate human behaviors – people are now less feared from the virus and much open to coming out of their homes. Although many people resisted getting vaccinated initially, the continuous awareness about the benefits of covid-19 vaccination is actually doing wonders. A great percentage of the population is vaccinated, which obviously downsizes the threat of another massive outbreak.   

What Do These Patterns Tell Us About the Future?   

The truth is, no experts are certain about their discoveries related to the covid-19 pandemic, and none of them could really give a verdict about the future. It has hit the globe as an unpredictable virus, and its continuous evolution into new versions keeps making it a mystery. 

However, these patterns somehow help us predict a possible future. There sure are coming more waves of the virus, but the above patterns clearly show how the population has become resilient to this unpredictable virus. There’s hardly any drastic behavior change expected, and it looks like nobody’s going to stop the economy again.   

But there’s definitely the need for precaution still existing. The upcoming waves of covid-19 couldn’t be simply taken for granted because we’ve got used to the virus, and the vaccines are available. The biggest red flag here is that none of the covid-19 waves are similar; each comes with different complexity and symptoms and calls for different precautions and treatments. 

Also, we’ve just been vaccinated for the previous versions of the virus, and no vaccine has been developed yet to fight the upcoming versions, nor it could be as we have no idea what’s coming ahead.   

How To Prevent the Spread of Upcoming Covid-19 Waves? 

The only way we can prevent ourselves from falling into another cluster of the virus is to take precautions, build a stronger healthcare system, strengthen the testing procedures, and spread awareness of the threat as much as possible.   

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