Each one out of seven people who’ve contracted Covid-19 tend to develop neurological side effects or symptoms that impact their brain function. Though the virus isn’t attacking the human brain directly, it sure is causing several problems ranging from minute confusions to severe seizures and strokes.

These neurological side effects are quite similar to the brain fog complications that have been experienced by the patients of SARS and H1N1 in the previous decades. Though the researchers and medical experts are aggressively working on it, a definite discovery would definitely take some time. However, the suspect largely indicates the stress of the prevailing pandemic and the physical rise in the cases of Covid-19 to be the reasons behind neurological conditions.

What Is Brain Fog?

Brain Fog is a term outlined to describe all the Covid-19 Virus’s lingering symptoms that relate to the mental function of a human being. It certainly is a vague term and does not explain any particular condition but could be of great use until the researchers successfully come up with the reasons. These neurological side effects are much likely to appear weeks after the patient has recovered from the initial Covid-19 symptoms. An estimated 20% of the people who’ve contracted covid-19 complains of the problems like short-term memory loss, fatigue, and shorter attention spans.

Another noticeable percentage of the patients report more severe neurological problems such as confusion, headaches, inability to focus, loss of smell and taste, loss of consciousness, strokes, and seizures. Experts believe that these critical brain effects could be an outcome of suffering from low oxygen levels for an extended period of time.

A small percentage of patients tend to develop problems with the nerves outside their brains and the spinal cords as well. The problems include Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) on top, which could be a massive driver for lung failures and paralysis among patients. Though the exact number of patients developing such syndromes is unknown, it seems to be very rare.

Some medical experts also state that the increasing ratio of the GBS cases has nothing to do with the Covid-19. There’s a possibility that patients have developed GBS while they’re already infected with Covid-19, but that doesn’t necessarily tie the syndrome to the virus. The researchers are still studying through its depths and could make no claims about the relation between GBS and Covid-19 yet.

Some of the Covid-19 treatments are also likely to impact the volume of gray matter inside human brains. A study conducted by researchers indicates that the Covid-19 patients who’ve gone through oxygen therapy tend to have a lower volume of gray matter in their brain’s frontal lobe in comparison to those who didn’t go through the oxygen treatment. The experts say this loss of gray matter can result in an intense disability among the patients for up to 6 months post their recovery from Covid-19.

Also, patients who suffered continuous fever while infected with Covid-19 are likely to have a lower gray matter volume in other parts of the brain, such as the temporal lobe, compared to those infected without fever. However, the studies have been conducted with much smaller samples and couldn’t claim the outcomes as definite.

How Does The Covid-19 Virus Impact Your Brain Exactly?

Though the researchers haven’t come up with a definite answer yet, they sure have some theories to explain how Covid-19 is much likely impacting the human brain. Here’s the list of some popular theories for your understanding –

Severe Infection – A prominent reason why covid-19 impacts the functionality of your brain could be its unusual entrance to the central nervous system and the development of a severe infection. The argument is supported by a research study that led to finding the virus’s genetic material inside spinal fluids of some patients in China and Japan. Also, a patient in Florida displayed particles of the virus inside brain cells.

This could be an outcome of the virus entering the patient’s nerve endings or the bloodstream. The expert medical professional believes that this could be why some patients lose their sense of smell when infected with Covid-19. In their opinion, the virus is likely to enter through the olfactory bulb – a part of your brain around the sinuses of your brain – meant to signal whatever your nose smells to the brain.

A study conducted around the patients of Covid-19 who’ve died found a leakage and damage from their blood vessels into the olfactory bulb. The researchers state it could be a sign that the covid-19 virus has entered this area; however, there hasn’t been any evidence found to authorize the claim.

Immunity Exhaustion – The experts also consider immunity exhaustion as one of the ways how Covid-19 impacts the human brain. Since the virus is majorly destructive, the human immune system might get exhausted fighting it off and develops inflammation as an outcome. That inflammation could damage the neural tissues and organs more than the virus itself and result in long-term neurological side effects.

Extreme Body Changes – Another way of how Covid-19 might impact the human brain could be the extreme body changes. The Covid-19 virus is likely to bring some extreme changes to the human body, such as low oxygen levels, high fevers, and organ failures – which could result in causing great complications for the human brain. They could even lead to chronic and critical diseases such as coma and delirium.

Blood Clotting – Last but not least, Covid-19 could impact the human brain because the patients are highly likely to have a stroke. With the virus entering your body, the chances of blood clots become massive – leading to chronic brain malfunctions. These clots could form in the veins anywhere from inside your body to the lungs. In case they’re formed at places that block the arteries leading to your brain – you can end up having a stroke.

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