Operate at higher capacity safely & prevent workplace shutdowns with the efficient employment screening, Wheeling against Covid-19.

As a West Virginia state vendor, Roxby Labs can offer no-cost employee screening to WV businesses.

Email to inquire, and our logistics team will contact you to set up a call. Roxby Labs will work with your business to develop a schedule to accommodate your workforce as per the needs for successful covid screening in Wheeling.

Benefits of Routine Employee COVID-19 Screening Wheeling

Roxby Labs’ Employee COVID-19 Testing Program assists in restoring productivity to the workforce by ensuring a healthy work environment and improving customer confidence.

Workplace Covid Screening shall be considered by the businesses that 

  • Have close contact with the public
  • Are located in communities with moderate to high rates of transmission
  • Have frequent or prolonged contact between employees and/or customers
  • Would be negatively impacted by a breakout of the SARS-CoV-2 infection
  • Have employees and/or customers with increased risk for severe illness

Screening tests are intended to identify infected people who are asymptomatic and do not have known, suspected, or reported exposure to SARS-CoV-2. Screening helps to identify unknown cases so that measures can be taken to prevent further transmission.” An example of a screening test includes testing employees in a workplace setting. (Source:  

How Businesses Have Been Affected by COVID-19

COVID-19 Economic Impact Statistics